Latest SEO Tools & Trends 2019

Current Dominant SEO Trends   Magento SEO is a multifaceted complex science that is constantly changing in line with Google algorithmic developments and updates. It is governed by over 200…

Magento Web Design – What Is It?

This is a question without a single answer as it encapsulates many skilled and specialist areas of input. The web aspect is probably well known by everyone but the Magento web design part could elicit twenty different answers if twenty people were asked to define design.

Magento and Cascading Style Sheets – What Are They?

CSS has been around for years. They are used for document design as a technical means of ensuring that the designs of Print Designers are printed precisely to specification. In relation to web design, cascading style sheets

The Value Of Links to your Magento Ecommerce Website

We all appreciate that links are indispensable but if they do not bring us to a page with a title similar to the link text then the users expectations are dashed. If there is a lack of similarity then the user has to perform mental

Hip Magento 2 Websites Don’t Always Cut The Mustard

Recent research has uncovered the disturbing news that 42% of web users find what they are looking for on any particular web page. If this is true then 58% of users do not find what they need. This refers back to the issue of