Latest SEO Tools & Trends 2019

Current Dominant SEO Trends   Magento SEO is a multifaceted complex science that is constantly changing in line with Google algorithmic developments and updates. It is governed by over 200 algorithmic determinants.  Knowing the rules is not necessarily the gateway to successful SEO. Due to the evolving nature of those rules you have to be … Read more

Magento Ecommerce D2C Modelling – is it the holy grail of higher market share, sales and margins?

  In recent times technological advances and the dawn of the internet have increased the opportunity for direct marketing modelling in ways unimagined previously. With nearly 97% of consumers using online media channels to research and procure products, before activating a purchase train, many manufacturers and suppliers are adopting a direct to consumer marketing and … Read more

Hip Magento 2 Websites Don’t Always Cut The Mustard

Recent research has uncovered the disturbing news that 42% of web users find what they are looking for on any particular web page. If this is true then 58% of users do not find what they need. This refers back to the issue of

Read moreHip Magento 2 Websites Don’t Always Cut The Mustard