The benefits of Magento 2

The Magento 2 platform is creating a very positive buzz among merchants and customers alike with the many benefits it brings to online businesses. Its global dominance as the most popular ecommerce system is testament to its technical and digital prowess and its profitability as an efficient money making sales machine. This brand new platform … Read more

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The importance of professional UK Magento Hosting

You have the best Magento ecommerce platform for performance and scalability, optimised to effect maximum return on investment, with a practically limitless capability to upscale and grow your business exponentially. Rycoweb is very aware of the imperative to match the system  with a professional Hosting service that has the ability to deal efficiently with multiple … Read more

What does Magento 2 offer Merchants and Customers?

Extensive positive feedback from Merchants and Customers validates the many benefits attributed to the Magento 2 platform. A vox pop analysis provides a ringing endorsement of Magento 2’s superior features as the global number one ecommerce platform. The new solution provides a plethora of improvements on the previous model in the context of download speed, … Read more

Latest SEO Tools & Trends 2019

Current Dominant SEO Trends   Magento SEO is a multifaceted complex science that is constantly changing in line with Google algorithmic developments and updates. It is governed by over 200 algorithmic determinants.  Knowing the rules is not necessarily the gateway to successful SEO. Due to the evolving nature of those rules you have to be … Read more

Magento Ecommerce D2C Modelling – is it the holy grail of higher market share, sales and margins?

  In recent times technological advances and the dawn of the internet have increased the opportunity for direct marketing modelling in ways unimagined previously. With nearly 97% of consumers using online media channels to research and procure products, before activating a purchase train, many manufacturers and suppliers are adopting a direct to consumer marketing and … Read more

Some tips for Magento 2 Conversion Rate Optimisation

If you want to improve your Magento website’s conversion rate, you have to take risks at least calculated risks or engage an educated hypothesis to make onsite changes that will impact favourably on conversion rates, providing new leads or sales. The changes we suggest are predicated upon their proven effectiveness in growing conversions. There is … Read more